Le Jeu

Continuum, enfin disponible !

(allez le voir directement sur youtube !!!)

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Un jeu réalisé au Centre NAD par :

Agustin Trechi (atrechi@hotmail.com)

Fanny Campagnie (fanny.campagnie@gmail.com)

Micheal Meltchenko (michaelmelt@gmail.com)

Viro Nhek (vironhek@gmail.com)

Youssef Semache (ysemache@gmail.com)

Avec la voix de Kyle Johnson

Trailer par SneakingFox
*Veuillez notez que le jeu contient certains petits bugs. On voulait se concentré sur l'histoire du personnage. Par contre, ces bugs ne devraient pas affecté la progression du jeu. Amusez vous =)

**There is no saving system. Try not to fall off the mountain. The game can be finished quite quickly, so if you do die by some chance, give it another try.

  • To Run  the game, go your installation folder and ;\Continuum\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe

  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Interaction: E, LMB (Quick mouse clicks in some sequences)
  • View: Mouse

  • To change the resolution, create a shortcut and add to the launch of its properties in the object graph-log ResX = X ​​ResY = Y,       for example, C: \ Games \ Continuum \ Binaries \ Win32 \ UDK.exe-log ResX = 1920 ResY = 1080  (1080p HD resolution)
  • To toggle between windowed and full-screen view - F11
  • If you have any questions about the game, contact us using the email addresses posted above.